Expat Realty: Key Things to Consider While Moving into India


Slow and steady, India is fast becoming a go-to destination for expats from across the globe. From Koreans to the Japanese, French to Chinese, many expatriates are calling India their home for a long stint. Fuelled by massive economic growth and a buoyant investment landscape, foreign companies are setting shop in the country across industrial hubs and SEZs. So, this has lead to a new wave of opportunities for expat-skilled workers and executives to move to India. So, in this blog, let us see the Expat Realty: Key Things to Consider while finding a home.

The first and foremost worry of any expat (when they land in India or otherwise) is finding a home that ticks off all the right boxes. Due to cultural/language barriers, there will be a level of skepticism, especially if you’re with your family. Therefore, there will be a constant worry about settling down in the right place.

So, here’s a list of “key” factors you must consider in your pre-landing exercise to find a suitable home in India.

1) Security: It’s paramount to find a home in a safe location, preferably in a gated community. Although, most of the expat dens across hubs are largely secure, it would be wise to carry out detailed scrutiny of the vicinity.

  • How far is the nearest police station?
  • Is the vicinity well-lit at night?
  • Does the locality have a criminal history?
  • Availability of a centrally-controlled security apparatus

2)  International Schools: The education system in India is of international standards. And many students from foreign countries join schools and universities in India for higher education. Therefore, cities such as Bengaluru, Mumbai, Gurugram, and others are home to the most reputed schools.

  • How far is the nearest school to my house?
  • Does the school provide van service to the community?
  • Is the school home to many foreign students?
  • The distance of the school from tuition & other activities (music and other vocational training)

3) Hospitals and Healthcare: Quality healthcare in India can be largely accessed through private hospitals/clinics. Therefore, India is home to many national and international affordable hospital chains and reputed specialist doctors who have treated many international patients.

  • How far is the nearest general hospital?
  • Do they accept cashless insurance?
  • Is there a specialist available for immediate consultation?
  • Are their hospitals of international standards?

4) Markets and Leisure Experience: The need to have immediate access to household goods and groceries is imminent and so are weekend leisure experiences. Being largely an “open market”, India is home to some of the biggest supermarket chains, malls, star hotels, and watering holes.

  • Is there a nearby supermarket that stocks international brands?
  • How far is the nearest mall?
  • Do we have public parks/amenities within the apartment complex?
  • Does the entertainment center allow children?
  • Are there multi-cuisine fine-dine restaurants?

5) Community Engagement: It makes perfect sense to find a place close to our own countrymen/community members for a home away from home experience. So, many industrial hubs/satellite towns have a strong community presence through formal associations.

  • Is there a registered association of the community of my nationality?
  • Size/purpose of the associations
  • Types of cultural/non-cultural activities conducted

Besides the above, there is a slew of ancillary services like Gas and internet connection, utility services like plumbing, carpentry, and so on. This might seem like an uphill task but, with the help of a trustworthy and local professional guide, finding a suitable home can be a cakewalk.

Finding a Home in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, the capital city of Karnataka state in southern India is home to hundreds of foreign companies in various sectors – Auto, IT, Manufacturing, Semiconductors, etc. Due to this, the city is one of the most preferred investment destinations in the country and is home to some of the biggest global brands.

In specific, north Bengaluru is destined to be the next investment hub in the city. Due to its well-planned layouts, wide roads, IT/Tech parks, and proximity to the international airport. So, driven by signal-free corridors and expressways, many expats are calling North Bengaluru their home.

North Bengaluru Landscape

  • Leading Schools: Stonehill International School, Canadian International School, and TRIO World School.
  • Top Hospitals: CMR Aster, Columbia Asia, and Baptist Hospital
  • Malls/Entertainment: RMZ Galleria Mall, Elements Mall, Esteem Mall, and Orion Mall.

If you’re an expat and scheduled to move to the city or planning to get your family, BrokerInBlue offers a range of services including premium homes – buying, selling, and renting . And also, along with a host of ancillary services in North Bengaluru.



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