Monsoon Hacks for Bangaloreans


Rain-Ready Homes: Monsoon Hacks for Bangaloreans to Keep the Damp Away!

Monsoon season in Bangalore brings a refreshing respite from the scorching heat, but it also brings with it the challenge of protecting our beloved homes from the relentless rain gods. While we embrace the cozy ambiance and the musical pitter-patter of raindrops on our rooftops, let’s not forget to give our homes the TLC they deserve. So, here are some monsoon hacks for Bangaloreans, that will keep your home dry, happy, and ready to weather the storm with a splash of humor and a sprinkle of practicality.

1. Gutter Galore – Keep ‘Em Clean:

Your gutters and downspouts are the unsung heroes during the monsoon season. Make sure they are free from debris and leaves to ensure smooth water flow. A clogged gutter can turn your peaceful balcony into a mini waterfall, and trust us, that’s not the kind of waterfall you want! Remember the nursery rhyme “Itsy-Bitsy Spider crawling up the spout”. So, make sure the spout is cleaned up to make sure the rain pours down to wash the spider out. Also, the clean gutters from the Paper Boat Ads that remind us of our childhood memories. The days when we let our paper boats race in the clean gutters.

2. Hello, Leak Patrol:

Remember those teeny-tiny leaks that you’ve been ignoring during the dry season? Now is the time to tackle them! Grab a flashlight, and with your detective hat on, inspect your walls, ceilings, and windows for any hidden leaks. Addressing these now will save you from an indoor rain dance later! You don’t want to be waking up to a leaking roof and having a reality check like Johnny Rose from “Schitt’s Creek.”

3. The Super Sump Pump:

Invest in a trusty sump pump to keep your basement or ground floor dry. A sump pump is like a hero cape for your home, swooping in to save the day by pumping out excess water. Moreover, it’s a great conversation starter at monsoon parties – because who doesn’t love talking about sump pumps, right 😜? We remember days when a few premium properties in East Bangalore relied on these superheroes while they traveled in water boats for work. Good thing they knew what was going to hit them.

4. Grout’s Got You Covered:

Your bathroom tiles’ best friend is grout, and it’s high time they reunite! Ensure the grout between your tiles is intact and in good shape. This will prevent water from seeping into the walls and floors, and it’ll give your bathroom that spiffy, clean look – like a fancy spa retreat, minus the hefty price tag! Additionally, it will save you from the embarrassment of landing on your downstairs neighbor’s lap after a complete collapse due to the continued seepage over the years.

5. Umbrella for Windows – Weatherproofing Magic:

While we adore the scenic views Bangalore offers, we don’t necessarily want them inside our living rooms. Weather-stripping your windows is an excellent way to keep the rain where it belongs – outside! Moreover, it adds a touch of mystery to your home. Who needs a locked door when your windows are doing the trick, right? So, sit by the window seat, grab some hot chocolate / Coffee, and read that book from your long TBR list. All while enjoying the water streaming outside your window panes and not inside your home.

6. Gadget Guru – Elevate Electricals:

Thanks to modern technology, we have some fantastic waterproofing solutions available. From waterproof coatings for your walls to waterproof sheets for your electrical gadgets, these are like magical raincoats for your home. So, go ahead and bring out the gadget guru in you! We Bangaloreans love our electronics, but they don’t love water. Keep electrical appliances and wires elevated to avoid potential shocks or short circuits. And remember, dance-offs with a live wire during a power outage aren’t exactly monsoon fun!

7. Banish Mosquito Menace – Bye Bye Bloodsuckers:

Monsoon brings along its buzzing buddies, mosquitoes! Avoid a mosquito party at home by using mosquito nets, and repellents, or investing in mosquito screens for your windows. And while you’re at it, consider adopting a mosquito-eating pet (like a lizard) and let them be your own personal “pest control squad”! We know, we know… it’s an icky feeling but they do the trick for sure. Let us not forget the famous dialogue “Ek Machar aadhmi ko ….”

8. DIY Rain Repellent – Curtains to the Rescue:

Your home’s best fashion statement this monsoon – waterproof curtains! They not only keep water at bay but also add a touch of elegance to your interiors. Imagine your home turning into a chic monsoon runway where raindrops slide away like they’re late for a fancy party! Mrs. Sharma is going to be talking only about your new curtains at the next kitty party. Open up your curtains during the day to let the sunshine in. Not only will it brighten up your space, but it also helps in reducing humidity levels, which can prevent mold growth. Embrace the sunshine and throw a daylight dance party in your living room!

9. Furniture Floating Island:

If your home has an outdoor seating area, invest in water-resistant furniture or add stylish, waterproof covers. Your patio will turn into a floating island, and who knows, you might spot a mermaid or two! There are companies that have great water-resistant furniture options. Some are even made of recycled materials like plastic and rubber. You know that you will be doing a great amount of good while choosing such furniture options that embrace the idea of Saving our planet.

10. Kiddy Corner – Keep the Fun Indoors:

We all know kids love splashing around in puddles, but let’s save the puddle parties for the park. Create a designated “rainy day corner” indoors with fun board games, coloring books, and cozy cushions. They’ll be too busy having fun to notice the rain outside! And with the little naughty ones tucked in the safety of your home, the fur babies are also bound to follow their partners in crime! It’s only time to cook some hot jalebis and pakoras and enjoy the season with loved ones.

11. Humidity’s Halt – Dehumidifiers Delight:

Humidity can be the silent enemy during monsoons, causing dampness and musty odors. Enter the hero – the dehumidifier! Say goodbye to the “Is it raining inside my home?” feeling and hello to fresh, dry air that even your skin will thank you for! Plus, it doubles up as a unique white noise machine, serenading you with its soft hum! Moreover, you don’t need intervention from the Room Freshener brands. Although Boman Irani could be an icing to such interventions. But we are sure he too can do away without the Smelfie Challenge campaigns.

12. Furniture Fortitude – The Great Furniture War:

Protect your furniture like a true warrior! Keep wooden furniture away from direct contact with damp walls or floors, as it can lead to rot. Add a quirky touch by hosting a “furniture fortitude” competition where you build pillow forts to protect your beloved couches and tables!

13. Store Smartly – Space Odyssey:

Utilize storage spaces wisely! Elevate your furniture and belongings to keep them away from the floor, especially during heavy rains. It’s like playing a game of “Tetris” with your stuff, ensuring everything stays high and dry!

With these monsoon hacks, you and your home are all set to ride the wave of Bangalore’s rainy season like a pro! Embrace the rains, dance with the thunder, and rest assured that your home is cozy, dry, and ready to take on any monsoon mischief. So, let the monsoons pour, and let your home shine through the rain with its new rain-ready makeover!

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