5 Compelling Reasons to Invest in Luxury Properties in Bengaluru North

5 Compelling Reasons to Invest in Luxury Properties

In today’s world, luxury property investment is one of the most secure investment strategies. As far as ROI is concerned, luxury properties rank among the top. The purchase of a luxury home is an excellent investment opportunity for young investors and those wishing to make multiple real estate investments.

With the expansion of the IT industry and the subsequent snowballing of real estate in Bangalore in the past decade, Silicon Valley has stretched its boundaries farther into the suburbs. Choosing to invest in real estate in an up-and-coming locality, such as Bangalore North, you can expect your investment to appreciate in value over the years, making it a wise and worthwhile choice.

Key Localities You can Invest in within Bangalore North

The advantages of investing in Bangalore North Real Estate are numerous, and the range of luxury properties available in the area is tremendous. Your top choices include:

● Yelahanka

Property in Yelahanka would mean an easier commute to the airport and less traffic trouble compared to other localities. The airport is only 20 km away. This proximity to the airport also means increasing infrastructural development in the area, with new roads, hotels, and facilities on the rise. And, of course, this inevitably means an increase in the value of your property in the area.

With both state and central government programs and initiatives that intend to develop the area as a business hub, job opportunities will grow exponentially. The landscape is just as attractive, with the Allalasandra Lake and Puttenhalli Lake. Many leisure and tourist destinations around Yelahanka include the Angasana resort, the Nandi Hills, and the Fantasy Golf Resort. Long-term investments in Yelahanka are a great idea.

● Hebbal

The locality is a bustling and upscale neighborhood. As one of Bengaluru’s largest IT hubs, Hebbal is home to Manyata Tech Park, Kirloskar Business Park, and many more. While it is only 30 kilometers from the airport, it is easily accessible to major localities through the ring road connectivity.

There is excellent connectivity due to its proximity to the NH7 and the upcoming Namma Metro expansion. Accommodations in Hebbal include luxury apartments and villas with lake views. Sobha, Brigade, Puravankara, and Prestige are some of the premium builders in the area.

● Devanahalli

Real estate value in Devanahalli is expected to soar after several massive development projects are underway. Featuring beautiful open spaces, technology companies, academic institutions, and shopping centers, properties for sale in Devanahalli are the perfect investment. Due to its proximity to the airport, the commute on land and air is highly convenient.

It is within a short drive of Nandi Hills, natural parks, gardens, and the fort, making it a pleasant location for a weekend getaway. Devanahalli has numerous amenities, including prestigious schools and hotels with golf courses. There is a high demand for luxury villas in the area.

Luxury Living in the Emerging Hotspots of North Bengaluru

As the quaint towns of Yelahanka, Hebbal, and Devanahalli shape-shift to quieter residential solutions for city dwellers, the real estate market is booming as well in these previous outskirts of Bengaluru.

Well-known names like House of Hiranandani, Tata Housing, RMZ Corp, Embassy Group, Casagrand, Legacy, Puravankara, Prestige, etc have nose-dived into the promising real estate scenario of these bloomers with an impressive array of luxury homes, villas, and condos.

While being closer to the airport makes Yelahanka a desirable investment, Hebbal has been labeled the “best place to invest in Bangalore”. A fast-growing social infrastructure, top-notch corporate culture, and relatively less exploited environment make these locations your ideal pick for grand living.

5 Reasons to Invest in Luxury Property in Bengaluru North

1. Value Appreciation

It wouldn’t come as a surprise that luxury property only ever enjoys value appreciation. Land and real estate always grow in worth, especially in localities with economic growth and technological development. ROI is also very high with property investment.

A 2 or 3-bedroom luxury apartment in Bangalore North can offer high returns based on various factors, including land value appreciation and variable overhead costs. Such investments do nothing but deliver an excellent lifestyle experience now and in the future. The probability of serious loss is extremely low.

2. Excellent Connectivity

Luxury apartments in Bangalore are strategically located to facilitate residents’ commutes. Builders must ensure that these properties are as conveniently located as possible for the residents of this community. One of the most attractive features of Bangalore North Real Estate is its proximity to the airport, which also means more governmental efforts to develop infrastructure and amenities.

Luxury villas and homes are typically built in small, well-planned satellite towns that do not require a metropolitan area’s resources. It is easy to commute to and from these areas.

3. Social Infrastructure

One of the most appealing aspects of luxury apartments in Bangalore is the social atmosphere. A luxurious set-up enables the residents of these spaces to interact in exquisite settings for any form of recreation and social camaraderie.

It is common for luxury properties to include pools, gyms, sports courts, gardens, numerous educational institutions, hospitals of renown, and venues for live events. You have various choices for an extended retreat or nightly relaxation on weekdays or weekends, including restaurants, hotels, parks, resorts, clubs, and others.

4.  Aesthetic Elegance

In Bangalore, luxury properties are popular among global investors due to the ‘appeal factor.’ All luxurious villas, apartments, condos, and residential communities are designed and constructed with the highest level of elegance and extravagance.

There are often areas dedicated to open spaces, which promote a healthier environment for residents. Additionally, such properties have round-the-clock security with advanced management systems.

5. Urban Lifestyle and Pleasing Ambience

Bangalore North offers some of the finest lifestyles available in any city. There is absolute freedom and luxury in these localities. As one of the only green cities in India, it enjoys a pleasant and warm climate throughout the year. Bangalore North has excellent air quality and water availability.

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